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Inter Aliyah 65-60 Savyon: Victory in Home Opener Moves Us to a 2-1 Record This Season

(From left to right): Ronnie Levi, AJ Mitnick, Zach Levy, Ryan CLamage, Zack Goldberg, Yona Kadosh, Max Abraham, Barak Swarttz, Seba Konovich, Daniel Roche, Ron Segev, Yakir Naftali, Oren Ben-Birth, Asher Fishman, Nadav Kristal-Tenenbaum, Josh Ackerman, David Amiel and Nate LeRoy.

Our newly formed basketball team pulled off a historic 65-50 victory in our first-ever home game, beating fellow Liga Bet side Savyon.

Propelled by a strong 15-4 start to the game in the first quarter behind the starting trio of Ryan Clamage, Barak Swarttz and Oren Ben-Brith, we were able to hold off Savyon’s hot three-point shooting to hold a 28-21 halftime lead.

With crucial bench contributions from David Amiel and Yona Kadosh, we managed to keep the lead the entire second half, before breaking the game open at the start of the 4th quarter.

Ryan Clamage led our scoring with 21 points, while Oren Ben-Brith and Barak Swarttz both ended the game with 13 each. Honourable mention to the defence and rebounding of young Center, Nadav Krystal-Tennenbaum, who was drafted to the IDF the morning following the game.


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