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Inter B 2-1 Northern Stars: Season Back on Track After Confident Victory Over the League Leaders

‘17 ⚽️ 1-0 Daniel Geron

‘53 ⚽️ 1-1 Northern Stars

‘66 ⚽️ 2-1 Misha Marianoff, Guile Meyer assist

‘77 🛑 Red Card Northern Stars

Top row (from left to right): Sam Sank, Matt Keston, Uriel Benita, Zack Shooter, Daniel Geron, Matias Jurfest, Kevin Packer, Misha Marianoff, Martin Siber, Gabriel Bruck, Mor Levi and Tom Printac.

Bottom row (from left to right): David Hovav, Didi Hovav, Max Russell, Josh Fischbach, Zeqi Lubocki, Nic von Caprivi, Guile Meyer and Nacho Duek.

What an unbelievable game that had everything! Our second game in 2 weeks against the league's 1st placed team, having beaten us last week 2-0 they had only been defeated once and drawn once going into this game - all their other results have been victories this season.

We started the game just like we did last week. An amazing performance in the first half where they had no chances and struggled to get out their own half - we finally looked our normal selves again without the mistakes. After 10 minutes, Misha got through on goal having got passed the goalkeeper but just missed out on making it 1-0 as the defender beat him to the ball.

After 17 minutes, Daniel Geron closed down their defender in possession, stole the ball and from 25 yards out, hit a screamer into the goal with a beautiful somersault celebration to match the finish. We completely outplayed them in the first half and manager Matt Keston asked for more of the same in the second half.

We did, however, not come out well in the first 15 minutes and were punished in the 53rd minute as their winger went down our right side unchallenged and put the ball through our goalkeeper's legs to make it 1-1.

We started playing better again from around the 60th minute after they had controlled much of the second half and started to play again; Zack Shooter with a 1-on-1 was blocked by a good save from the goalkeeper. On the 66th minute, a beautiful corner from Guile found Misha who smashed the ball home to make it 2-1.

The game was full of yellow cards and on the sidelines, there was a lot of action too as the two managements clashed a number of times - Gabriel Bruck, who came to spectate, was harshly shown a red card for not releasing the ball even though it was actually our throw - very bizarre.

This all led in the 77th minute in one of their very mouthy midfielders being shown a red card for abuse, the player clearly blamed Josh Fischbach for this situation and on the final whistle ran onto the pitch towards him, however, manager Matt Keston was in the way to push the player aside, a few handbags followed but the situation became calm very quickly. We held onto the win and celebrations at the end were epic.

Promotion is now back in our hands with that win, let’s push on and continue this type of performance in the 8 games to come.

Man of the Match:

Daniel Geron 🔥


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