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Meet Our Players - Keren Ben-Amou

Name: Keren Ben-Amou

Age: 23

Team: Inter Aliyah Banot

Originally from: Paris, France

Favourite team: Paris Saint Germain

Football idols: Kylian Mbappe & Lionel Messi

Interesting fact: Keren 'Benams' celebrated her last birthday by coming to an Inter Banot training session to play football with the rest of the girls. Not content with ending there, the Banot made sure to carry on the celebrations and went out together afterwards!!


''Surprisingly enough, neither of my two brothers play football and since my dad insisted that there had to be at least one footballer player in the family, I was left with no choice but to play the game!!

''I started playing football 7 years ago, but never consistently. After finding Inter Aliyah though, I am now playing on a weekly basis for the first time in a while and it's never been better.

Inter Banot celebrating Keren's birthday a few months ago

''I’ve been dreaming about living in Israel since I was little. I came to Israel almost every summer, each time learning more about the culture. As we couldn’t travel once Covid started, I really felt a need to be here permanently, so I came alone to Israel seven months ago. Fortunately, I have Inter Aliyah here as my second family.

''I’m currently working as an analyst in a Tel Aviv- based fund, which ironically is the same Hebrew word as my name - Keren - little did I know that my boss would say my name dozens of times a day. Basically in Israel, I’m a “fund” that works in an investment fund and on top of that, in football “corner” in Hebrew is also 'Keren'!!

''Outside of work and football, I spend my time in Tel Aviv finding new restaurants and taking pictures of this amazing city.

''I found out about Inter Aliyah simply by scrolling on Instagram, the team really is getting viral. It's amazing that every week girls who are just as crazy about football as I am from all over the world come together to play.

Keren (front row, middle) with the rest of the team

''For me, Inter Aliyah is way more than a club, it’s a second family and at the end of each session, I look forward to the next.



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