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Meet Our Players - Martin Siber

Name: Martin Siber

Age: 29

Originally from: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favourite team: River Plate

Position: Central Defender

Football Idol: Pablo Aimar

Fun Fact: Martin played volleyball at a professional level back in Argentina for 7 years. Quite the sportsman...


''I come from Buenos Aires in Argentina, a football-mad city so it should come as no surprise that I started playing football when I was just 5-years-old and eventually joined my neighbourhood team.

''I spent my childhood, teenage years and early adult life in Argentina, but a few years back I decided to come to Israel on the MASA program, which was supposed to be just a short visit.

''However, one thing led to another and I ended up starting a Master's degree in IDC Herzliya, made Aliyah and 4 years later here I am still, living in Tel Aviv as an Israeli and an Oleh Hadash.

''Of course, moving to Israel didn't mean that I would be giving up football and I heard about Inter Aliyah through a few Argentinean friends who had started to play in the B team.

''At first, I just started following the club on Instagram and going to the games to watch my friends play. Soon I was invited to the training sessions and eventually, I joined Inter B as a player for the start of the 2020/21 season.

''Now I am in my second season with the club, part of Inter Blue in the International Football League of Israel and looking forward to competing this year.

''There is something very special about Inter Aliyah. In Inter Blue we are an entire group of Argentinians playing together in the team, alongside friends from other countries such as Peru, Japan and Germany.

''I don't think there is another team in Israel that has such a unique selling point and I'm proud to be part of this club.



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