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Meet Our Players - Nico Leibo

Name: Nico Leibo

Age: 29

Team: Inter Aliyah Basketball

Originally from: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favourite team: River Plate

Position: Forward

Basketball idol: Michael Jordan

Fun fact: Nico's first experience with Inter Aliyah was in our weekly football tournaments where he joined his Argentinian friends, many of whom play for Inter Blue. It's safe to say that Nico is a decent footballer, but it's basketball where he really shows his true qualities.


''I've been playing basketball since I was a child, probably around the age of 8. I played at a local Buenos Aires-based club called Nautico Hacoaj for my entire life, right up until I made Aliyah.

''When I was younger I also used to play soccer (and still do sometimes with friends), but my brother started playing basketball and I gave it a shot too. Since then I simply couldn't stop playing the game I love.

Nico (front row, far left) prior to a Liga Aleph game

''After living in Argentina my whole life, I wanted to have an experience living abroad and as a Jew, Israel was a very good option. Also, the quality of life here is great and I have both friends and family here too, so it was worth a try.

''I made Aliyah in 2019 and am now working as a Game Economy Manager in a mobile gaming company called Wildlife Studios in Tel Aviv. I definitely am happy with my decision of moving to Israel so far!

Nico practising his dunk game before practice starts

''Most of my Argentinian friends who live here play soccer in some capacity with Inter Aliyah so I was very aware of the club. Once they opened a basketball team, it made since for me to get involved.

''This season I joined the Liga Aleph team after playing in the pre-season camp. It took a while but I eventually broke into the roster and even became a starter towards the end of this very successful season.

''I like that is a great space to know a lot of people from different countries and cultures using something as beautiful as sports. I don't know if I would have met all the guys that I did if it wasn't because of Inter basketball.



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