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Meet Our Players - Ron Segev

Name: Ron Segev

Age: 26

Team: Inter Aliyah Basketball

Originally from: Montreal, Canada

Favourite team: Los Angeles Lakers

Position: Power Forward

Basketball idol: Kobe Bryant

Fun fact: Ron has three nationalities (Canadian, Israeli and French) and speaks three languages fluently (English, Hebrew and French). Even when he lived in Madrid as an exchange student, he was able to pick up the Spanish language. Easily the most multi-lingual baller we have...


''I’ve been playing basketball since I was 7 years old – it all started on the driveway and the neighbourhood park playing basketball with my two older brothers and their friends. I always liked to play against tougher competition and kids older than me; I think that's what shaped my toughness and desire to get better as a basketball player.

''I lived in Israel for a year and a half when I was a junior/senior in high school and went to the American International School in Even Yehuda. I came to Israel during that time because of my parent's decision to move to Israel – I really had no choice in the matter. Happened to be the best time of my young adult years.

Ron (fourth from the right) before a Liga Bet game this season

''After I graduated high school from AIS, I went back to Canada to do my Bachelor’s degree at McGill University in Montreal. Two years after I graduated, at the high of the COVID pandemic, I decided to go to Israel for a 3-week vacation to visit my parents (and my oldest brother) who were living in Israel, since I hadn’t seen them for about a year.

''Since that “vacation'', I have yet to return to Canada and am proud to say that I am an Ezrach Oleh in Israel and have never looked back since.

''Inter Aliyah is a very special organization – from top to bottom. The way in which it cultivates a family culture for Olim Hadashim and Israelis looking to familiarize themselves with an English speaking community in Israel is second to none. I’ve met some amazing people since joining the club and built friendships that I foresee lasting a lifetime.

''The management has a professional attitude and as a new club is very open to feedback from its players which is an extremely positive quality embedded in the organizational culture.

Ron nailing a signature 3-pointer

''I love Inter so much that I managed to convince my older brother, Nyv Segev, who was playing basketball in the 3rd division for Elitzur Givatayim to transfer mid-season and join the club.



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