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Inter Aliyah Football Club

A Dream 
Made True.

Founded in 2016, our flagship team currently plays in the fourth tier of Israel’s professional football league system, after winning the Liga Guimmel title (5th tier) in the 2022/23 season.

In Pursuit of Excellence.

Consisting of Olim from a multitude of different nations, we're committed to finding and developing the best talent in our community.

Inter Aliyah sponsors for season 20/21

Our Story.

When moving to Israel, many young individuals struggle to find their place in Israeli society. Without a family to support them, they are often left to figure out all the tough questions on their own. In order to properly integrate, they have to open themselves up, embrace new relationships and create their own families in a foreign country. This is where Inter Aliyah comes into play. In essence, the club’s main purpose is to provide a home for young Jewish immigrants. 


In the summer of 2014, Jerome Katz, Sam Sank, Dani Markovits, Yona Dorfzaun and David Schumann got together and created a football team which, eventually entered the Olim League, a local amateur league. They named the team ‘’Inter Tel Aviv’’ because of its international nature as it contained new immigrants to Israel from varying nationalities from across the world. Essentially though, the team was made up of friends from work and life around Tel Aviv. 


Inter Tel Aviv played two seasons in the Olim League, eventually being crowned champions in their second season. The following summer, the arrival of Ricardo Horvath, a close friend who made Aliyah from Ecuador, elevated the team to a new purpose. Ricardo had the vision of establishing a club made out of Olim within professional Israeli sports. 


Bringing together Ricky’s vision and the infrastructure in place from the previous two years, Inter Tel Aviv became Inter Aliyah and entered into the 5th tier (Liga Gimmel) of Israeli football for the start of the 2016/17 season, following months of organisation and bureaucracy. The team has improved their final league position each year, until finally being promoted and winning the league on 2022/23.


The vision of Inter Aliyah is to be a focal point for the entire Jewish Diaspora, a team that, since it is made up of Jewish players from all over the world, will be supported by those outside of Israel. Moreover, the Inter Aliyah project aims to contribute to the absorption of Olim into Israel, helping new immigrants integrate to their homeland through the medium of football.

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