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Meet Our Players - Thomy Alfie

Name: Thomy Alfie

Age: 26

Team: Inter Aliyah A

Originally from: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favourite Team: River Plate

Position: Centre Back

Football Idols: Ariel Ortega

Interesting Fact: Thomy once travelled all the way to Japan to see River Plate in action in the Club World Cup final. Unfortunately, River lost the game but it was to the great Barcelona during the peak of the MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) period.


''I have been playing football since as long as I can remember. My father took to me to 'El Monumental' to see our beloved River Plate play from a very early age and it's some of the best memories I have.

''There was even one time where I walked out with the players onto the pitch as a kid and then went into the dressing room after the game and got to see all of my heroes.

Thomy (back row, fifth from the right) celebrating a crucial win over Gali Gil Ramat Gan on the way to winning the league last year.

''At the age of 12, my family decided to make Aliyah and move to Israel in search of a better future. After finishing high school and then the army, I decided to open my own import company, bringing special anti-grip sport socks to Israel from Argentina.

''Over a year ago, I heard about Inter Aliyah through some of my Argentinian friends. I tried out for Inter Blue and played for them during the second half of the 2021/22 season.

Thomy celebrating the Liga Gimmel title

''Following that, I moved up to Inter A and was part of the historic championship season last year in Liga Gimmel. This year I am playing with the team for our first-ever season in Liga Bet.

''Lifting the Liga Gimmel trophy in March was by far the best memory I have had so far with Inter Aliyah. Being part of a team that went on a 21-game winning streak is extremely unique.

The Argentine contingent is very strong at Inter and Thomy is a big part of it

''The spirit of the club is very special. I think that the fact that most of the people in Inter are Olim and don’t have their family with them here in Israel helps them to connect with each other.

''This allows everyone to become stronger when dealing with the issues of Israel as an Oleh by doing it together. I've seen the strong friendships that develop within the team and have made many myself.

Thomy during his time with Inter Blue

''My brother Andy plays with Inter B this season, which is just another reason why Inter Aliyah really is like a family for me. Our father comes to both our games, he's the biggest Inter fan there is!!



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