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Inter White 0-3 Spartak Tel Aviv: Missed Chances and Mistakes at the Back Cost Us Despite Dominating

‘15 ⚽️ 0-1 Spartak Tel Aviv goal

‘52 ⚽️ 0-2 Spartak Tel Aviv goal

‘74 ⚽️ 0-3 Spartak Tel Aviv goal

Top row (from left to right): Roy Konfino, Matt Keston, Nate Sa-oun, Jordan Foss, Sabi Beraha, Ben Mordukhovich, Joey Spijer, Eliran Pinto, Elijah Golding and Sam Sank.

Bottom row (from left to right): Borja Lema, James Green, Shai Revivo, Illay Cohen, David Garzon, Eyal Cumartesi, Daniel Nozick and Guile Meyer.

Three bad mistakes; two of which were really out of nothing and one from a corner where we didn’t mark up, summed up a frustrating defeat for our side.

We had about 20-25 chances on goal including open goals and 1-on-1’s but we just could not score, one of those days unfortunately. A good performance ironically overall, we had the vast majority of possession, the vast majority of shots, they countered us a few times in second half but didn’t score.

We battled well and should be pleased overall with the team performance but bad mistakes and misses proved the difference.


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