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Inter White 1-3 Aviv City: Search for Second Win Continues for Matt Keston's Men

47’ ⚽️ 0-1 Aviv City goal

52’ ⚽️ 1-1 Niv Florentin goal, Zack Shooter assist

63’ ⚽️ 1-2 Aviv City goal

78’ ⚽️ 1-3 Aviv City goal

Top row (from left to right): Reuben Lewis, Sam Sank, Matt Keston, Gianni Conti, Eliran Pinto, Eli Kolach, Elijah Golding, Zack Shooter, Alex Branum, Pablo Zayat, Daniel Morali and Tal Florentin.

Bottom row (from left to right): Niv Florentin, Ben Mordukhovich, Anthony Levy, James Green, Eze Brotsky, Aaron Morali and Jayden Youngleson.

Overall we played well, the performance was good defensively, battled well, created lots of chances, dominated possession - but they had 3 shots and scored 3 goals.

The only thing goalkeeper Gianni Conti really had to do all game was to pick the ball out of the net after we made two bad defensive mistakes that gave them the lead.

In the first half, in the 40th minute, they really should have had a red card as James Green was kicked in the nether region without the ball but the referee didn’t see it and no card was given.

Aviv City's first goal came 2 minutes after the second half started, where despite having loads of time in the middle and lots of options, a pass back by us to their striker gifted them a goal out of nothing.

However, seven minutes later Niv Florentin won a free-kick just outside their box and a beautiful ball in by Zack Shooter found Niv to finish home, his first goal of the season.

For Aviv City's second goal, we had the ball just outside their box, but failed to pass or shoot instead hung on to it for too long, lost possessions and a long ball forward found their striker who is left one-on-one to beat Gianni.

We then pushed and pushed in search of a goal, Alex Branum came closes when he hit the bar and but we couldn’t find the equaliser.

The third goal was an awful moment for the referee, who gave us a throw in our half, signalled with his hands that it’s our throw only for Aviv City to take the throw themselves whilst we wait for the referee to stop the game.

He doesn’t stop the game, their striker, alone in the box, scores and the referee nonchalantly gives the goal anyway. A truly embarrassing moment for the official.

We tried to push on for a goal but their goalkeeper made a lot of good saves and was quick off his line.

A good performance and the formation worked nicely, just one of those unlucky days where it didn’t go our way.


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