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Inter White 1-4 Sporting Lamed: Second Half Resurgence Too Late to Salvage a Result

'32 ⚽ 0-1 Sporting Lamed goal

'39 ⚽ 0-2 Sporting Lamed goal

'41 ⚽ 0-3 Sporting Lamed goal

'61 ⚽ 1-3 Joey Spijer goal, Oz Kenner assist

'90 ⚽ 1-4 Sporting Lamed goal

Top row (from left to right): Mikey Meyer, Niv Gur, Renan Prias, Uri Yavin, Joey Spojer and Oz Kenner.

Bottom row (from left to right): Sabi Beraha, David Garzon, Yoni Tal, Reuben Lewis, James Green, Shai Revivo and Guile Meyer.

A much better performance than the last couple of weeks, especially in the second half, but it was not enough to get anything from the game.

They scored a direct free kick after 30 minutes but overall we were fairly solid in the first half until the last 5 minutes, where we conceded two poor goals from individual mistakes and lack of challenges defending.

Down 3-0 at half time. Second half, we went at them and were the better team. Oz Kenner’s dangerous ball across the goal was finished by Joey Spojer for our goal after 60 mins.

We then had 3 or 4 good chances as we really controlled the game but we didn’t score and the game ran away from us. They scored a 4th in the last minute.


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