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Inter White 1-5 Aviv City: Losing Streak Continues Despite Improvement in Performance

'4 ⚽ 0-1 Aviv City goal

'71 ⚽ 1-1 Asher Goldberg goal, Shai Revivo assist

'54 ⚽ 1-2 Aviv City goal

'81 ⚽ 1-3 Aviv City goal

'84 ⚽ 1-4 Aviv City goal

'88 ⚽ 1-5 Aviv City goal

Top row (from left to right): Renan Prais, Joey Spijer, Asher Goldberg, Oz Kenner, Roie Valenstein, Adam Kohler, Eyal Cumartesi, Uri Yavin, Gal Noymark, Niv Gur, Matt Keston and Elijah Golding.

Bottom row (from left to right): Dean Robinson, Reuben Lewis, James Green, Shai Revivo, Mikey Meyer, David Garzon, Guile Meyer and Sam Sank.

Although we did not play as good as we should have done in this game, the team did start to look to take shape in the second half until the collapse of the final 10 minutes. We were not helped by a new wonder player for Aviv City who scored a hattrick for them and got an assist and seemed to play is any position at any given time.

It was the hattrick hero that scored his first early, just after 4 minutes, making a Gareth Bale-like run all the way from the wing-back position, speeding through without anyone stopping him and finding the net - a goal we should not have allowed to happen.

The first half was not a good display as we gave the ball away too cheaply on far too many occasions and it was Aviv City who kept winning the second ball, Mikey Meyer in goal making some good saves to keep us alive. We had not threatened aviv on goal and were fortunate to only be 1 down.

We started the second half much stronger and started to attack the Aviv City goal. After a couple of shots on goal we found the net with a beautiful strike from Asher Goldberg on his return to the team for his 1st game of the season.

However, our good work was undone just 2 minutes later as a simple quickly-taken free kick looped over our defence for their striker to have a 1-on-1 to make it 2-1. We then really came at Aviv City but missed a number of good chances to equalize.

We were made to pay for our mistakes in the last 10 minutes as a calamity of errors from lost concentration led to 3 goals, one from a mix up in communication at the back, one from a corner and one from outright poor defending the final nail in the coffin.


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