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Inter White 1-6 Ramle-Ukraine: Humbling By Strong Opponents Compounds Difficult Start to Season

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

'14 ⚽ 0-1 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'27 ⚽ 0-2 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'50 ⚽ 0-3 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'58 ⚽ 0-4 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'70 ⚽ 1-4 Sabi Beraha goal, Dean Robinson assist

'81 ⚽ 1-5 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'86 ⚽ 1-6 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'90 🔴 James Green Red Card

Top row (from left to right): Sabi Beraha, Eliran Pinto, Asher Edreyi, Uri Yavin, Jordan Foss, Matt Keston and Elijah Golding.

Bottom row (from left to right): Mikey Meyer, Reuben Lewis, David Garzon, Nadav Zekaria, Eyal Cumartesi, James Green, Dean Robinson, Omer Perez and Guile Meyer.

Another difficult game for Matt Keston's side as we took on one of the league's strongest teams, who showed their quality throughout and were ruthless in punishing any mistake we made.

Ramle-Ukraine took an early lead and were comfortable for most of the game, despite our efforts to impose an impact. A first goal of the season for Sabi Beraha was one of the few bright spots of the game.


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