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Inter White 2-1 Homenetmen: Heroic Battle with 10 Men Brings Historic First Win

44’ ⚽ 1-0 Daniel Morali goal, Eliran Pinto assist

53’ ⚽ 2-0 Daniel Morali goal, Nati Ajnwojner assist

58’ 🟥 Red Card Inter: James Green

89’ ⚽ 2-1 Homenetnum goal

Top row (from left to right): Sam Sank, Ben Mordukhovich, Matt Keston, Nati Ajnwojner, Aaron Morali, Yaron Korn, Daniel Morali, Eliran Pinto, Mert Vasit, Joey Spijer and Roy Konfino.

Bottom row (from left to right): Eze Brotsky, Tal Florentin, James, Green, Nate Sadoun, Eli Kolach and Pablo Zayat.

It took until our 4th game, but with improvements every single week, Inter White finally got their first competitive win as a team.

After two draws because we failed to defend properly from set-pieces, we practised corners in the warm-up to make sure this didn’t happen again. Homenetmen, our Armenian opposition, had many set pieces and all were defended brilliantly, manager Matt Keston was finally very impressed with this.

We started in the first minute with a huge mistake which allowed their player to go through one on one, only to put the ball wide, it was a lucky escape. They had two outstanding players who we had to watch carefully and that we did, the defending from the team, the fight and the passion were outstanding around the whole pitch in the first half. They didn’t really test Roy Konfino in goal in the first half whilst we had a few half-chances that we didn’t take.

We had 4 subs and had used 3 within 12 minutes as Eze Brotsky was dizzy, Niv Florentin hurt his foot and Daniel Morali his groin. Daniel did say he did not believe he would be able to continue, well it's a good thing he did as he would end up scoring twice and playing in multiple positions!

In the 44th minute, we got our reward for battling hard and a superb closing down by Eliran forced the Armenian defence into an error, losing the ball, Eliran found Daniel who finished beautifully! Straight from kick-off the Armenians then had their second shot on target of the game, a stunning hit straight from the centre was flying into the net, luckily Roy did enough to stop the instant reply and we went in 1-0 up.

We came out in the second half just as strong, with the message that we should chase down their defence at every opportunity, and it worked wonderfully as after just 8 minutes we got our second goal from a great bit of skill by Nati Ajnwojner on the left-hand side, passed the ball back to Daniel on the edge of the box who found the net with another superb finish to put us 2-0 up!

We then looked good for the lead and started to press for the 3rd goal. Just 2 minutes later Daniel went in on goal again but just missed the chance to get his hat-trick and make it 3-0. Then on the 58th-minute disaster struck as captain James Green, who had already been booked, pulled back the Armenian striker as he was running into the box and was given a second yellow, we would play the rest of the game with 10 men. We went to a 4-4-1 formation.

A host of set pieces and chances came to the opposition, Roy was there for the team in goal every time we needed him, every single person in the team gave everything they had, so much so that by the end of the game we didn’t have any substitutes left and had Joey Spijer and Mert Vasit in central midfield because of the number of people that were out of energy from giving everything. The defending stayed strong until the 89th minute when a stunning strike from their dangerous number 8 made it 2-1 as we headed into injury time.

We held out for a very well deserved 3 points in a stunning victory where people were playing out of position and giving everything for the team, especially after we lost our captain too for a third of the game.


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