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Inter White 3-1 Combo: Return to Winning Ways in the IFLI2 Against Now-Exiled Opponents

20’ ⚽️ 0-1 Combo goal

30’ ⚽️ 1-1 Jayden Youngleson goal

33’ ⚽️ 2-1 Alex Branum goal, Jayden Youngleson assist

41’ ⚽️ 3-1 Zack Shooter goal

'68 🟥 Red Card Combo x4

'69 🟥 Red Card Combo manager

69’ ❌ Match abandoned

Top row (from left to right): Reuben Lewis, Matt Keston, Aaron Morali, Ben Mordukhovich, Jayden Youngleson, Yaron Korn, Eliran Pinto, Joey Spijer, Mert Vasit, Alex Branum, Tal Florentin and Daniel Morali.

Bottom row (from left to right): Elijah Golding, Niv Florentin, Eze Brotsky, Eli Kolach, Zack Shooter, Pablo Zayat and Roy Konfino.

Inter White boss Matt Keston called it, ''one of the craziest games of football I’ve ever been involved in. There was clearly an issue going on with Combo from the start as during the first half they had players arguing with the manager and a fight broke out between two of their own players on the bench without any involvement of us at all.''

In the game itself, we started strong, creating chances and controlling the play but still let in a cheap goal in on the 20th minute from a set-piece where the player got to the ball first - this has happened too many times this season it needs to stop.

But then our good play did pay off, two mistakes in a row by the Combo defence and goalkeeper saw Jayden Youngleson equalise and then Alex Branum was allowed to walk the ball into the net to put us 2-1 up. Zach Shooter then won a free-kick himself and took it beautifully to put us 3-1 up before the break. Their goalkeeper then walked off the pitch and they had to replace him. A superb half from us showing passion and fight to come back and be ahead.

The second half began and some disgusting challenges started to come in on us, Eliran Pinto was hit in the face off the ball and they targeted Niv Florentin who was already on a yellow card himself too, their tactic was clearly to try and provoke a reaction.

Aaron Morali was fouled with a dirty challenge, got up and went towards the player who then pushed Aaron to the floor and Aaron was then kicked in the face while on the floor. As a team, we came flooding to Aaron’s aid and as we came towards the area Combo attacked a few of our players, Shooter who went towards Aaron to help was almost heavily punched in the back of the head in front of everyone.

We then were very disciplined and held ourselves back on the main as the Combo players looked to turn it into a full-on brawl. As we all ushered ourselves away from the situation, Combo went to attack the referee.

We stayed together as a team and awaited the decision by the referee to award us the game which we huddled together to hear but didn’t celebrate with any noise. We then left the pitch as a group to make sure no one was attacked on the way out.


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