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Inter White 3-3 AJAF: Last Minute Equaliser Denies Our First-Ever Win

2’ ⚽️ 0-1 AJAF goal

5’ ⚽️ 1-1 Ben Aruzansky goal, Elijah Golding assist

50’ ⚽️ 2-1 Daniel Morali goal, Niv Florentin assist

65’ ⚽️ 2-2 AJAF goal (penalty)

75’ ⚽️ 3-2 Daniel Morali goal, Ben Aruzansky assist

90’ ⚽️ 3-3 AJAF goal

Top row (from left to right): Ricardo Horvath, Matt Keston, Tal Florentin, Ben Aruzansky, Ben Mordukhovich, Niv Florentin, Nati Ajnwojner, Elijah Golding, Mert Vasit, Daniel Morali, Eliran Pinto, Eze Brotsky and Sam Sank.

Bottom row (from left to right): Roy Konfino, Aaron Morali, Reuben Lewis, Eli Kolach, James, Green, Zach Shooter and Anthony Levy.

Within one second we went from all 3 points to just one and whilst it’s very easy to create a negative feeling around this and point fingers of blame, we all have to take responsibility that as a team we didn’t do the job until the final whistle.

AJAF's first goal was a shambles from us defensively; unable to clear the ball after just two minutes into the game and they were 1-0 up. The reaction was good and 3 minutes later a beautiful cross from Elijah Golding found Ben Aruzansky to make it 1-1.

In the first half, we hit the post, missed an open goal and had a whole host of chances but still were being too sloppy with giving the ball away. AJAF didn’t offer much going forward and balls over the top were their only tactic.

We changed to 4-4-2 in the second half to go out and attack, and we were rewarded quickly with a good cross from Niv Florentina who found Daniel Morali to make it 2-1.

We had a number of chances again to finish them off in the next fifteen minutes but their goalkeeper made some decent saves, meanwhile, our keeper Roy Konfino had very little to do most of the half.

A miscommunication then occurred on the 63rd minute and for two minutes we were playing with 10 men and in this time we conceded a penalty out of nowhere. They scored the penalty and it was 2-2. We again piled on the pressure, switching to 4-3-3 and it again paid off as a beautiful through ball by Ben Aruzansky found Daniel who finished nicely for his second goal and our 3rd.

AJAF really didn’t look too dangerous the entire game but they managed to earn a last-minute corner. To the whole team's horror, they headed home with the last play of the game.


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