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Inter White 3-3 Etz Netanya: First Half Turnaround Earns Us a Point in Rollercoaster Draw

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

8’ ⚽️ 0-1 Etz Netanya goal

30’ ⚽️ 0-2 Etz Netanya goal

40’ ⚽️ 1-2 Alex Branum goal, Jayden Youngleson assist

43’ ⚽️ 2-2 James Green goal, Aaron Morali assist

45’ ⚽️ 3-2 James Green goal (penalty)

60’ ⚽️ 3-3 Etz Netanya goal

Top row (from left to right): Alex Branum, Yaron Korn, Anthony Levy, Eliran Pinto, Elijah Golding, Joey Spijer, Ben Mordukhovich, Nati Ajnwojner and Jayden Youngleson.

Bottom row (from left to right): Matt Keston, Niv Florentin, James Green, Elik Kolach, Aaron Morali and Roy Konfino.

Inter White played in an action-packed game on Saturday night where a draw was a fair result as both teams created, scored and missed plenty of chances.

With Nate Sadoun and Daniel Morali pulling out on the day, Head Coach Matt Keston only had 13 players at his disposal so Jayden Youngleson was given his first-team debut.

8 minutes in, despite being on top, a Netanya corner was cleared and then an outrageous shot from the edge of the corner of the penalty area put them 1-0 up, there wasn’t too much we could do about that it was a good finish that he got out his feet immediately.

30 minutes in, it was us who were creating all the chances and their goalkeeper making the saves, but a free-kick they got on the edge of the box was beautifully finished and they were 2-0 up. Roy Konfino only had one other save to make the whole half, a good one from another free-kick.

In the 39th minute, Keston nearly had a heart attack as Alex Branum put the ball wide 3 yards out in a one-on-one with their keeper, but literally, 1 minute later he made up for it with a fantastic finish to make it 2-1.

Then started the 5 minutes of madness as Aaron Morali won a free kick on the edge of their box which, James Green converted in Beckham-esque style to make it 2-2 on the 43rd minute. Then just seconds before the break their player handballed it in the box and James stepped up to put us in the lead at halftime 3-2, with his first goals of the season in the league.

The second half was end-to-end and full of chances for both teams, we had a ghost goal we believe the ball went over the line, the referee said no and then the exact same happened to Netanya at the other end.

They equalised from a free-kick next to the corner spot, their player winning the header, it hit the post and then a tap in for them made it 3-3, this really the only of the 3 set pieces that we could have defended better.

Roy having had almost nothing to do in the first half, made a collection of great saves, one outstanding save from another free-kick and then 10 minutes of horror as we made mistake after mistake in defence, Roy saved us many times! Despite a large number of chances for both sides, it finished 3-3 which at the end of the game was a fair result.


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