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Inter White 3-3 FC Shikma: Remarkable Second Half Comeback Completed Despite Being Three Goals Down

‘8 ⚽️ 0-1 FC Shikma goal

‘35 ⚽️ 0-2 FC Shikma goal

‘47 ⚽️ 0-3 FC Shikma goal

‘60 ⚽️ 1-3 Daniel Nozick goal, Guile Meyer assist

‘62 ⚽️ 2-3 James Green goal (penalty), Eyal Cumartesi assist

‘75 ⚽️ 3-3 Guile Meyer goal, Daniel Nozick assist

‘88🔴 Red Card: FC Shikma

Top row (from left to right): Uri Yavin, Nate Sadoun, Ben Mordukhovich, Daniel Nozick, Eyal Cumartesi, Sabi Beraha and Joey Spijer.

Bottom row (from left to right): Eliran Pinto, Beni Polnauer, David Garzon, Illay Cohen, James Green, Guile Myer, Elijah Golding and Matt Keston.

After two weeks of terrible results it was important to turn things around against a mid-table team who we knew were good attacking but weak defensively. However, our 4-4-2 approach in the first half didn’t work and we played without battling hard enough, were disorganised and were making really poor mistakes.

We should have gone down 1-0 after just 1 minute after an immediate error at the back, but Joey Spijer heroically got back with brilliant pace to catch their striker. Then on the 8th minute a combination of uncommitted tackles by us let them through to go a deserved 1-0 up.

Our first 25 minutes were horrible but then on our first real attack down the left by Guile Meyer, he beat his man cut in and scored, but it was not clear if the ball had completely cleared the line as the keeper got a late hand to it and it was not given despite everyone believing it was a goal - unfortunately except the referee.

Stand-in keeper Sabi Beraha made 2 brilliant saves to stop it from being worse, but on the 35th minute a clearance not dealt with led to a 2nd goal. A really poor first half performance overall but we were still in it and changed to a 4-5-1 formation with an attacking focus.

We made the worst possible start to the second half as a mistake in midfield gave the ball away and they were through in goal for a 1 on 1, we were 3-0 down on the 47th minute. A few minutes later Nate Sadoun hurt his knee and we were down to just 1 sub.

On the 60th minute everything changed as we started to find the wings more and we attacked. A stunning through ball from James Green to Guile who, beat his man and found the cross, to Daniel Nozick to knock it in to make it 1-3.

Two minutes later Eyal Cumartesi, who was pushing forward from left-back position, raced into the box and was shoved to the ground. The penalty was dispatched confidently by captain James to make it 2-3. We then went at Shikma non-stop and were rewarded with a great cross by Daniel, combining again with Guile, who put it into the net to equalise and make it 3-3.

Both teams had chances at the end but could not convert, their player smashed the bar from 30 yards out, Sabi made another good save and we had shots just deflected and saved. By the end we ironically were disappointed not to win but overall it was a fair result.


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