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Inter White 7-0 AJAF: Record-Breaking Win in IFLI Rewards Latest Form

19’ ⚽️ 1-0 Jayden Youngelson goal, Alex Branum assist

55’ ⚽️ 2-0 Eliran Pinto goal, Nate Sadoun assist

72’ ⚽️ 3-0 Nate Sadoun goal, Alex Branum assist

75’ ⚽️ 4-0 Nati Ajnwojner goal, Alex Branum assist

80’ ⚽️ 5-0 Alex Branum goal, Niv Florentin assist

82’ ⚽️ 6-0 Eliran Pinto goal, Pablo Zayat assist

90’ ⚽️ 7-0 Jayden Youngleson goal

Top row (from left to right): Sam Sank, Matt Keston, Ben Mordukhovich, Pablo Zayat, Nate Sadoun, Alex Branum, Nati Ajnwojner, Mert Vasit, Joey Spijer, Tal Florentin and Jayden Youngleson.

Bottom row (from left to right): Niv Florentin, Reuben Lewis, Eli Kolach, Roy Konfino, Zack Shooter, Eze Brotsky and Eliran Pinto.

In his pre-match team talk, Inter White manager Matt Keston said that it was crucial to win yesterday so that we show that we have progressed and built on top of the great results of the last few weeks against the league's top sides. And wow win we did after obliterating our opposition in the second half.

The first half was full of chances that we didn’t convert, their goalkeeper was quick off their line and acted as a sweeper. However, we made the breakthrough as Alex Branum paced down the wing and found a great cross to Jayden Youngleson who was there waiting in the middle to convert the chance.

More chances came our way but also they came to AJAF too as we made a number of mistakes, mainly giving the ball away non-stop under no pressure and Keston was not happy at halftime with the performance.

We came out in the second half even worse and were lucky not to concede as in the first 10 mins, poor passing and mistakes led us to soak up the pressure; we were lucky their strikers were shooting off target.

But from the 55th minute, the tide majorly changed. A good ball from Alex found Nate Sadoun who passed it across to Eliran Pinto to tap in his first goal for the club this season and make it 2-0.

Nate hit the bar minutes later and narrowly missed a chance as he chipped the keeper. However, the game was put to bed on the 72nd minute as Alex found Nate who rounded the keeper to make it 3-0 and get his first goal of the season too.

From this moment AJAF looked like a beaten team and we proceeded to score another 4 goals to give Inter Aliyah the biggest win in our history in this league.

A beautiful one-two between Alex and Nati Ajnwojner gave Nati a wonderful goal to make it 4-0 on the 75th. Then, a quick throw-in from Niv Florentin to Alex saw him get a deserved goal of his own as their keeper had run out very far from his goal and make it 5-0.

The finish of the day came for our 6th, as Pablo Zayat lifted it forward to Eliran, who latched onto the ball and curled it past the keeper for his second.

Then just before the final whistle Jayden intercepted a loose ball in the middle, drove past all in his way and slotted it home for number 7.

A really wonderful display in the end and a deserved smashing of our opposition!


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