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Inter Aliyah 0-0 HaKoach Ramat Gan: Stalemate Leaves Us Chasing the Pack at Season's Halfway Mark

Top row (from left to right): David Pernitchi, Sebastian Israel, Jaime Kauffman, Mono Bechini, Fekade Golantau, Vlad Kart, Azanao Aristo, Gaston Hilman, Ron Sharifi, Ariel Peretz, Giani Conti and Daniel Cabral.

Bottom row (from left to right): Fernando Zatz, Sam Sank, Evgeny Kart, Renan Prais, Guile Meyer and Roey Sartov.

This was a game that we really needed to win if we want to make a run for the playoffs this season, but ultimately we had to settle for a draw on Thursday night away from home.

Playing against HaKoach Ramat Gan for the first time ever, we didn't know what to expect especially considering their mixed results this season and it could have almost been the worst start possible had their goal inside the opening minute not been ruled out for offside.

Despite the initial scare, we dominated the first half, playing good football all over the pitch but lacking that killer instinct in the final third.

The front three of Ron Sharifi, Azanao Aristo and Vlad Kart all had half-chances, but never enough to truly test their keeper.

Head Coach David Pernitchi made some tactical adjustments at halftime but the second half continued in the same manner with both defences coming out on top and very few chances being created.

There was a first official debut for Guile Meyer in the second half but the Brazilian wizard was not able to help us find the breakthrough and as the game went on it seemed inevitable that no goals would be scored.

Gianni Conti barely made a save in the Inter goal all evening as we kept their attack, which included former first-tier striker, Udi Cabudi, at bay.

The point keeps us in the picture for the second half of the season, but we will need to win at least 5 of our remaining 7 fixtures to have a chance of making the playoffs.


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