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Inter Aliyah 15-0 Maccabi Pardes Katz: Liga Gimmel Championship Clinched With Dominant Win

‘2 ⚽️ 1-0 Aron Soloducho goal

‘4 ⚽️ 2-0 Yuri Nucenovich goal, Oded Puzis assist

‘7 ⚽️ 3-0 Oded Puzis goal ‘10⚽️ 4-0 Vlad Kart goal, Oded Puzis assist

‘13⚽️ 5-0 Vlad Kart goal, Oded Puzis assist

‘15 ⚽️ 6-0 Vlad Kart goal

‘20 ⚽️ 7-0 Oded Puzis goal, Vlad Kart assist

‘25 ⚽️ 8-0 Andy Gabay goal, Max Mzhen assist

‘30 ⚽️ 9-0 Fernando Zatz goal, Ori Hatuka

‘38 ⚽️ 10-0 Evgeny Kart goal, Alon Zurita assist

‘50 ⚽️ 11-0 Vlad Kart goal, Ori Hatuka assist

‘55 ⚽️ 12-0 Alon Zurita goal, Evgeny Kart assist

‘60 ⚽️ 13-0 Ron Sharifi goal, Gaston Hilman assist

‘65 ⚽️ 14-0 Alon Zurita goal, Ron Sharifi assist

‘70 ⚽️ 15-0 Samuel Hazins goal, Ron Sharifi assist

Top row (from left to right): Ron Sharifi, Gaston Hilman, Leo Gewertz, Daniel Cabral, Roni Sirosky, Thomy Alfie, Daniel Herszenhaut, Mono Bechini, Vlad Kart and Evgeny Kart.

Bottom row (from left to right): Alon Zurita, Andy Gabay, Samuel Hazins, Gaston Fratesi, Isaac Kahtan and Sasha Machta.

And so it came down to the final day of the season where we knew that a win over bottom-placed Maccabi Pardes Katz would hand us the league title and confirm our status as Liga Gimmel champions for the 2022/23 season!

Top scorer Vlad Kart wore the captain's armband in place of the suspended Sam Sank, while Pablo Zayat, Fernando Zatz, Tomi Kehana, Samuel Hazins and Evgeny Kart all got their first starts in a while.

The game itself was a mere side story to he obvious fact that we were about to become champions, with the party in the stands feeling like the main event on the day.

We were up by double figures at half-time and scored 5 more after the break before the referee ended the game 20 minutes early so we could get on with our celebrations.

Vlad Kart scored 4 on the day to reach a phenomenal 45 goals for the season, ending the campaign as the Liga Gimmel top scorer. There was also a first goal of the season for Andy Gabay.

We ended the season on the same points as Tzafririm Holon, but our superior head-to-head record meant that we claim the 1st place and will be promoted to Liga Bet for next season!!