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Inter Aliyah 2-5 Maccabi Givat Shmuel: Costly Mistakes in the Rain Leadsto 2nd Defeat of the Season

'15 ⚽ 0-1 Maccabi Givat Shmuel goal

'20 ⚽ 0-2 Maccabi Givat Shmuel goal

'28 ⚽ 1-2 Vlad Kart goal, Gaston Hilman assist

'31 ⚽ 1-3 Maccabi Givat Shmuel goal

'61 ⚽ 2-3 Gaston Hilman goal, Oded Puzis assist

'63 ⚽ 2-4 Maccabi Givat Shmuel goal

'73 ⚽ 2-5 Maccabi Givat Shmuel goal

Top row (from left to right): Jeremy Tenenbaum, Gaston Hilman, Oded Puzis, Tom Printac, Thomy Alfie, Vlad Kart, Ron Sharifi, Isaac Kahtan, Leo Gewertz, Daniel Cabral and Aron Soloducho.

Bottom row (from left to right): Andy Gabay, Alon Zurita, Titi Cabuli, Samuel Hazins, Sam Sank, Fernando Zatz, Roni Sirosky and Mono Bechini.

Our first midweek evening fixture saw us travel to Petach Tikva to take on Maccabi Givat Shmuel, a team we've never faced before in our 7 years of existence, after they moved over from Liga Gimmel Mercaz.

Thomy Alfie returning to the starting lineup, while Isaac Kahtan came in for the injured Gaston Fratesti in a match which was marked by a large downpour of rain as the teams warmed up prior to kick off.

The conditions clearly did not help and our shaky start was compounded by two quickfire goals from Givat Shmuel, who capitalised on defensive errors to take command of the game.

As we slowly got back into the game, top scorer Vlad Kart scored his 15th goal of the season, heading a Gaston Hilman cross accurately into the bottom corner beyond the reach of the Givat Shmuel keeper.

However, the two-goal lead was restored shortly after and it stayed that way until half-time. Borja Lema made four substitutions in the break, handing debuts to Tom Printac and Aron Soloducho, and the team started the second half far better.

Gaston Hilman scored for the second game running, heading in Oded Puzis' cross, but Givat Shmuel would find the net twice more to put the game beyond our reach.


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