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Inter Aliyah 4-0 Beitar Ezra: Comfortable Victory Extends Winning Run to 13 Games

‘25 ⚽️ 1-0 Oded Puzis goal, Samuel Hazins assist

‘58 ⚽️ 2-0 Vlad Kart goal, Oded Puzis assist

‘84 ⚽️ 3-0 Gianni Conti goal, Max Mzhen assist ‘87 ⚽️ 4-0 Yuri Nucenovich goal, Samuel Hazins assist

Top row (from left to right): Gaston Hilman, Pablo Zayat, Tomi Kehana, Mono Bechini, Thomy Alfie, Vlad Kart, Oded Puzis, Ron Sharifi, Jeremy Tenenbaum, Yuri Nucenovich, Daniel Cabral and Gianni Conti.

Bottom row (from left to right): Max Mzhen, Ori Hatuka, Samuel Hazins, Sam Sank, Andy Gabay and Fernando Zatz.

Our latest opponent in Liga Gimmel was Beitar Ezra, a team we had a tough time beating away from home in the first fixture earlier this season.

There were some changes in the starting lineup, with Mono Bechini, Thomy Alfie, Andy Gabay and Ori Hatuka all making starts as Borja Lema opted for a formation with a line of 5 at the back.

The change in formation seemed to affect our general rhythm as we struggled to find a foothold in the game and gave up a few chances, which Beitar Ezra luckily didn't manage to convert.

Yet, we still broke the deadlock halfway through the first period, with Samuel Hazins finding Oded Puzis in the box and the winger made no mistake in front of goal to give us the lead.

At half time Borja expressed his disappointment in our timid display and demanded more from the team. His message was received and we put our foot on the gas as the game commenced again.

Vlad Kart's headed goal, his 37th of the season, gave us breathing space with our opponents rarely venturing into our penalty box thereon after as victory looked a forgone conclusion at that point.

Two late goals made the scoreline look even better with the first coming from goalkeeper Gianni Conti, who stepped up to score a brilliant free-kick and became the first in his position to ever score a goal for the club.

Yuri Nucenovich also got in on the act as he grabbed his first goal for the club too, with Samuel Hazins getting another assist to add to his icnreasing tally this season in Liga Gimmel.

The win puts us 18 games without defeat as we head into the final stretch of the season. We face Elitzur Yehud at home on Wednesday before hosting Gali Gal Ramat Gan in the game of the season on Saturday.


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