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Inter Aliyah 4-2 Beitar Ezra: Impressive Performance Leads to a Comeback Win in an Eventful Match

'11 ⚽ 0-1 Beitar Ezra goal

'22 ⚽ 1-1 Titi Cabuli goal

'35 ⚽ 2-1 Titi Cabuli goal, Alon Zurita assist

'66 ⚽ 2-2 Beitar Ezra goal

'72 ⚽ 3-2 Ron Sharifi goal, Vlad Kart assist

'87 ⚽ 4-2 Vlad Kart goal, Fernando Zatz assist

'88 🔴 Beitar Ezra Red Card

'88 🔴 Beitar Ezra Red Card

Top row (from left to right): Vlad Kart, Evgeny Kart, Gaston Fratesi, Ron Sharifi, Oded Puzis, Titi Cabuli, Tom Printac, Mono Bechini, Mati Yelen, Thomy Alfie and Sasha Machta.

Bottom row (from left to right): Alon Zurita, Fernando Zatz, Samuel Hazins, Sam Sank, Isaac Kahtan, Andy Gabay and Ricky Horvath.

After two consecutive defeats, we faced another tough game as we faced off against local rivals Beitar Ezra away from home, who prior to the match were just a few points behind us in the table.

With both Leo Gewertz and Daniel Cabral away and Gianni Conti injured, midfielder Gaston Fratesi, who himself was nursing a knock, started the game between the sticks.

There were also starts for both Titi Cabuli and Tom Printac, the latter of whom was in the starting XI for the first team since officially returning to the team a few weeks ago.

We started off very nervy and Beitar Ezra took advantage, eventually scoring past Gato in goal, after he had originally saved a number of chances. The Argentine would then come off due to injury, with another outfield and injured player, Evgeny Kart, donning the gloves to go in goal.

Incredibly, we turned the game around before half-time, thanks to two goals from Titi Cabuli. The Argentine winger found the net twice from the right-hand side, to take his tally to the season to 3 goals.

After the break, Beitar Ezra put the pressure on and despite some incredible goalkeeping from Evgeny, they would equalise after we failed to clear a ball from a corner.

Borja Lema made a few changes, one of whom, Ron Sharifi, scored the goal of the game with a superb long-ranged effort with 20 minutes remaining. As our opponents looked again to score, we defended like warriors and kept their attack at bay.

As the game reached the final minutes, goal machine Vlad Kart finished the game off with his 17th of the season. Following the goal, two Beitar Ezra players got in a fight and received red cards, much like the Lee Bowyer-Kieron Dyer incident in the Premier League years ago.

The win keeps us in touching distance of the front pack.


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