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Inter Aliyah 7-1 Pardes Katz: First Half of the Season Ends With an Uninspiring Win Over Bottom Team

'3 ⚽ 1-0 Alon Zurita goal, Fernando Zatz assist

'31 ⚽ 1-1 Maccabi Pardes Katz goal

'36 ⚽ 2-1 Gaston Hilman goal, Fernando Zatz assist

'45 ⚽ 3-1 Alon Zurita goal, Ron Sharifi assist

'49 ⚽ 4-1 Roni Sirosky goal, Alon Zurita assist

'52 ⚽ 5-1 Sam Sank goal, Roni Sirosky assist

'75 ⚽ 6-1 Oded Puzis goal, Alon Zurita assist

'85 ⚽ 7-1 Ilan Flax goal, Gaston Hilman assist

Top row (from left to right): Leo Gewertz, Daniel Cabral, Mono Bechini, Sebastian Israel, Gaston Hilman, Tom Printac, Ron Sharifi, Isaac Kahtan, Mati Yelen, Thomy Alfie, Oded Puzis, Vlad Kart, Jaime Kauffman and Max Mzhen.

Bottom row (from left to right): Alon Zurita, Fernando Zatz, Andy Gabay, Ilan Flax, Samuel Hazins, Sam Sank, Roni Sirosky and Ricardo Horvath.

Our 16th and final match of the first round saw us host bottom-placed Maccabi Pardes Katz early Friday morning.

There was first starts of the season for both Tom Printac and Mati Yelen, both of whom were playing with Inter Blue last season but made the jump up to our Liga Gimmel team this year.

We have scored double figures against Pardes Katz on a number of occasions over the years and it looked like the game was heading in that direction when Alon Zurita scored after a few minutes, thanks to Fernando Zatz's lobbed through ball.

Yet, Pardes Katz delivered one of their best performances of the season for the remainder of the half and made several good chances, eventually equalising on the half an hour mark.

Although Gaston Hilman and Alon would add two more goals to give us a comfortable lead at half time, it was undoubtedly one of the most underwhelming displays we've had all season.

Borja Lema let his feelings felt strongly before the second half and made a few changes ahead of the second 45 minutes. The second half was a better performance but we will still look back on this game as one to forget.

Roni Siroski, Sam Sank, Oded Puzis and Ilan Flax all got themselves on the scoresheet to give us a commanding victory, with the latter's first goal of the season the pick of the bunch.

The win keeps us to within 3 points of the Liga Gimmel league leaders as we continue to maintain a title challenge this season.

Up next is Elitzur Yafo at home on Tuesday before a tricky clash against Ruach Tel Aviv on Friday.


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