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Inter Aliyah All-Time South American XI

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Inter Aliyah has always had a strong South American presence, especially with 4 of the 7 founders hailing from the continent.

So it makes sense that a large number of South American guys have played for the club since it entered the Israeli professional league in the summer of 2016.

We've selected 11 players and 11 substitutes, all of whom played at least a single Liga Gimmel match in the last 5 seasons.

Our players hail from 6 footballing nations: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, and made Aliyah to Israel from their respective homes. This team represents who we are as a club and our vision behind this project.

Let's take look at the all-time South American XI...

  1. Daniel Cabral (Brazil) - GK

  2. Gaston Hilman (Argentina) - RB/ CM

  3. Yona Dorfzaun (Ecuador) -CB

  4. Alan Kaler (Argentina) - CB

  5. Alan Camarov (Brazil) -RB/LB

  6. Andy Gabay (Uruguay) - CB/DM

  7. Fernando Zatz (Brazil) - CM

  8. Ita Israel (Uruguay) - CM

  9. Dani Markovits (Ecuador) - ST

  10. Leo Fingerhut (Brazil) - AM

  11. Jaime Kauffman (Peru) - RM


Leo Gewertz (Brazil)

Nico Milieris (Uruguay)

Yossi Milhelm (Venezuela)

Brandon Bonomo (Uruguay)

Ricky Horvath (Ecuador)

Nathan Obadia (Brazil)

Nico Perge (Argentina)

Alon Zurita (Peru)

Henrique Caster (Brazil)

Andre Walker (Ecuador)

Adrian Ryback (Uruguay)

#COYI ⚽💪🏼🇮🇱


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