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Meet Our Players - Andy Gabay

Name: Andy Gabay

Age: 28

Team: Inter Aliyah A

Originally from: Montevideo, Uruguay

Favourite Team: Peñarol

Position: Defensive Midfield

Football Idols: Leo Messi

Interesting Fact: I am colour blind, which really doesn't help in trainings when everyone is wearing different colour bibs!


''One of my earliest memories is playing FIFA World Cup France 98 with my brother on the computer when I was just 4-years-old, while from a young age I would go and see my beloved Peñarol in the legendary Estadio Centenario.

''I've been playing football my whole life of course. It started as a kid when I used to play just with friends and at school but since the age of 13, I've been playing in more professional 11-a-side teams, with my first club being Hebraica Macabi.

Andy Gabay through the years as an Inter Aliyah player

''I always loved Israel. My parents actually used to live here but came back to Uruguay, which is where I spent my childhood. Yet, there was always a strong love for Israel at home and in the end, we all made Aliyah together.

''These days I live in Tel Aviv; working as an Ads Operations Manager at Moovit, a well-known transport-tech company. I live with my girlfriend Shir, who plays with Inter Aliyah Banot, yet another connection to the club!

Andy (front row, far right) before our first ever game in 2016

''In 2016, which was my first year in Israel, a very good friend of my brother, Jaime Kauffman, invited me to join this newly created team Inter Aliyah, which was about to embark on its first-ever season in Liga Gimmel. The rest is history.

''I am one of only a few players currently playing for the team that has been there since the very beginning and this season I reached 100 games for the team in Liga Gimmel.

''For me, Inter Aliyah is a great place for Olim Hadashim; to be part of a family in the same situation as themselves, be able to compete together for the same goal and share our passion for sports.

''It's very difficult to pick a single favourite memory from my 7 long years at the club, but there is one that I love in particular. In that very first season, we were playing in only our second-ever game in the league against the best team I've ever played against, Beit Dagan.

Andy (front row, second from right) prior to a game this season

''We started winning in the first half 1-0 and they couldn't believe what was happening. In the second half, we conceded 3 goals and they thought the game was over, but we managed to score two late goals, tying the game in the last minute. It was a victory for us knowing that we were new in the league and it is one of my favourite Inter memories ever.

''However, the memories from this season, our best ever are already taking over anything else from before.



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