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Meet Our Players - Elias Garzon

Name: Elias Garzon

Age: 25

Team: Inter Aliyah B

Originally from: Panama City, Panama

Favourite Team: FC Barcelona

Position: Central Midfield

Football Idols: Leo Messi

Interesting Fact: Eli is not the only one from his family playing in Inter Aliyah. His brother David played for Inter White last year and the two faced off against each other in the INTERCLASICO, which was the first time in our history that two brothers played against each other.


''I cant find an exact moment as to when the love of football started for me; I've been playing for as long as I remember, so its just been there with me all along my life.

''I spent my childhood, teenage years and early adult life in Panama but when I was looking for places to study I found Israel to have everything I was looking for: great education, lots of opportunities to find a job in the hi-tech world and I always felt at home here.

Elias (back row, sixth from the right) prior to an Inter Blue game last year

''Currently I'm working at a startup called EasyCoach, which develops software for football teams and football associations. Our goal is to take Israeli football to the next level. So football is clearly a big part of my life.

''After moving to Israel, I was looking for a team to train with and a friend from Uruguay who is cousins with Sebastian Israel told me about the club. I joined Inter Blue for the 20/21 season and now am playing with Inter B (together with my brother David) this season.

Eli playing in the INTERCLASICOs over the years

''No matter where you come from the club welcomes you with open arms and there is genuinely a special feeling about Inter Aliyah. To be playing together with my brother makes it even more meaningful.



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