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Meet Our Players - Asher Goldberg

Name: Asher Goldberg

Age: 23

Team: Inter Aliyah A

Originally from: London, UK

Favourite Team: West Ham

Position: Central Midfield

Football Idol: Mark Noble

Interesting Fact: Asher's final game in London prior to making Aliyah saw him feature for local Jewish side Stoke Salmon FC. In front of his entire family, Asher scored a dazzling free-kick to leave London in style!!


''I've been playing football for as long as I can remember and my parents always remind me that I was even kicking around lego pieces before they finally gave me a ball to play with.

''Ever since then, football has taken a big place in my life and I've found myself playing competitively since a young age; whether it be at school, university or with local football teams.

Asher's goal for Stoke Salmon before making Aliyah

''Being from the Jewish community of Northwest London, Israel has always had a presence in my life too and I was exposed to Zionism through my dad's work, school and youth movements.

''I came to Israel on multiple occasions throughout my teens and eventually took part in the Aardvark gap year program, which gave me a year-long experience at living in the country.

''After finishing my studies in England and with Corona affecting any other life plans I had made, I decided it was time to make Aliyah, which I did in the summer of 2021 after many years of contemplating it.

''I am currently studying in Ulpan Beit Brodetsky in Tel Aviv, getting better at Hebrew by the day. When I am finished in a few months' time I'll be ready to start my life in Israel and hopefully find a job.

''I heard about Inter Aliyah initially through Sam Sank, whose mum worked with my dad at UJIA, a not-for-profit that invests in Israel. However, the club really has a reputation of its own and there are already a number of English guys I know who play or have played for one of the teams.

''I played for both the Liga Gimmel team and Inter White this season, and look forward to continuing next year too. The club really is a special place where Olim come together and share experiences; I've made many friends already through the team and their advice on life as an Oleh has been extremely helpful.



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