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Meet Our Players - Chelsea Jordyn

Name: Chelsea Jordyn

Age: 25

Originally from: Long Island, New York, USA

Position: Midfield

Favourite Team: Tottenham Hotspur

Soccer Idol: Cristiano Ronaldo

Fun Fact: When I’m not playing soccer, I’m watching NBA (my other sporting love), working out, baking fun cakes, painting or reading.


“Soccer was a huge part of my life growing up as I first started playing as soon as I was able to kick a ball. When I was about 9 years old, I joined a travel soccer team called Albertson Elite Fury. This league eventually got extremely competitive - we were travelling to a different state every other week for tournaments and when I started high school in 9th grade, my coach didn’t want me to play for my high school varsity team. He also didn’t want me to play any other sports (I was competitive in basketball and softball at the time as well).

Once my mom asked me if I wanted to be a professional soccer player and my answer was “probably not,” I didn’t try out for the team that year and instead started my 4-year journey on the Wheatley Varsity high school team. Other than playing at summer camp and in an intramural league at the University of Florida, Wheatley was where I had the opportunity to play competitively following my Albertson days. After not playing for around 5 years, it’s been awesome to find Inter Aliyah and get back on the field.

“I moved to Israel almost a year ago after dreaming about it for years. I had visited three years in a row on programs while in college and after my Senior year, spent a month here which is when I knew I wanted to make Israel my home one day. After working in New York City for 3 years after college, I finally picked up and moved my life here. It was definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever done as my parents have also never even been to Israel ever, but it’s been the best decision I ever made - made amazing friends, love my job, and now found Inter Aliyah which has been an awesome addition.”

“I found Inter Aliyah through my friend and teammate, Caroline. She was friends with Sam Sank so after we’d been playing with her company team for a few months, we decided to try out Inter Aliyah.”

Chelsea playing at an Inter Aliyah Banot session (top row, third from the left)

“The best part about Inter Aliyah has been meeting people from different countries who are like-minded in the sense that firstly, we all picked up our lives and moved to Israel and secondly, we all share a love for the sport of soccer. I definitely look forward to playing each week and now consider Wednesdays my “favourite day of the week” for sure.

''Inter Aliyah has been a great mix of fun and competition and it’s been an awesome way to meet new people as well. As a girl who loves sports, it’s not the easiest to find leagues and keep up with playing but Inter Aliyah is a super welcoming place and has been great. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for Inter Banot! Yala Inter!!”



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