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Meet Our Players - Dana Kantor

Name: Dana Kantor

Age: 25

Team: Inter Aliyah Banot

Originally from: Cordoba, Argentina

Favourite team: Argentina National Team - La Albiceleste

Football idol: Lionel Messi

Interesting fact: Dana is a big believer in the ''tercer tiempo'' (third time) and sees it as just as important as the match itself. For those that don't know, the ''tercer tiempo'' takes place after a sports game, where both teams meet to eat a meal together!!


''I have been playing football since 2013. Everything started for me back in Argentina with my local Jewish club, Maccabi Noar. It's been a wonderful journey from Cordoba to Tel Aviv, where I now play with Inter Aliyah.

''I came to Israel in 2020 through a Masa program, where I was able to find an internship in Tel Aviv. Now, I am working in the accounting department of a hi-tech company and love living in this city.

''After arriving in Israel, I met one of the girls from Inter Banot in a friendly match and she told me about this unique club. Inter Aliyah is really special because it is not only an activity for football training but also a group of friends that wants to grow together.

''We have improved so much in the past year under our coach, Gaston Fratesi, but equally as important, we have so much fun and can all agree that Wednesdays are our favourite day of the week!!



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