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Meet Our Players - Daniel Cabral

Name: Daniel Cabral

Age: 31

Team: Inter Aliyah A

Originally from: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favourite Team: Flamengo

Position: Goalkeeper

Football Idols: Júlio César

Interesting Fact: Daniel is Inter Aliyah's joint all-time longest serving goalkeeper. The Brazilian joined the club in 2019 and just finished his third season with the team.


''Coming from Brazil, football has been in my life since the very day I was born; I have been in love with the sport ever since. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro but moved to Israel in 2019.

''My wife is Jewish and always dreamed of living in Israel, so we made the move together and are extremely happy in our lives, with our little one Nino who joined the family last year.

Daniel (back row, fifth from right) before our title-winning match

''I work as a shift manager at Yango Deli, as well as being a social media freelancer and football data collector at IMG Arena. In addition to playing for Inter Alyah I have always study and worked with football, I have been a scout, defence analyst and one day, I plan to teach young people in the field.

''I first heard about Inter Aliyah through a post on Facebook and was later invited to join the Liga Gimmel team. I have been with the team for three seasons now and played in the final game when we became Champions!!

Memories through the years

''Inter Aliyah club is essential for all Olim. It really has a fantastic mission that helps all sport interested-Olim integrate in Israel by acting as a big family of which will are all part of.️

''My favourite Inter Aliyah memory has to be the recent championship win but the truth is I love that winning feeling so every victory is forever stored in the memory of my heart. Another memorable game was when I played and won for Inter Blue in the INTERCLASICO.



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