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Meet Our Players - Eliane Krugman

Name: Eliane Krugman

Age: 27

Team: Inter Aliyah Banot

Originally from: Montevideo, Uruguay

Favourite team: Atletico Madrid

Football idol: Diego Forlan

Interesting fact: During the 2010 World Cup, my lucky charm was to wear the same shirt every time Uruguay played. That must have been the reason why we made it to the semi-finals...


''I've been playing Futbol for as long as I can remember; it was always my go-to hobby. I used to play with my dad every Sunday when I was a child and during school breaks, I tried to enjoy as much time as possible with the ball.

''Sport, for me, especially futbol, is all about having fun with friends. I enjoy both playing and watching futbol, especially when it comes to La Celeste.

''I received a strong Jewish education my entire childhood in school and in Jazit Hanohar, the Zionist youth movement I had been a part of until I was 21-years-old. I made Aliyah six years ago and after completing my ulpan lessons, earned a degree in architecture at Tel Aviv University. I have been working in a consulting company since my fourth year of university.

''When I heard about Inter Aliyah I signed up immediately! For me to play in a team every week with girls from all over the world is a unique experience.

''I have been playing in the Inter Aliyah Banot team from its very beginnings and I feel we have turned into a really strong group. It makes me feel more comfortable in Israel and I hope we continue growing as a team.



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