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Meet Our Players - Evgeny Kart

Name: Evgeny Kart

Age: 26

Team: Inter Aliyah A

Originally from: Moscow, Russia

Favourite Team: Liverpool and Real Madrid

Position: Left-Back

Football Idols: Zinedine Zidane

Interesting Fact: Evgeny recently joined the 100 club and is 6th on our all-time appearance list with 102 games. He also is 7th on our all-time goals list with 25 games, as well as being crowned Most Improved of the Season and Player of the Season in successive years!!


''I've been playing football since I was a boy, together with my twin brother Vlad. Sometimes we even played as a single player in a tournament, switching at half time without anyone knowing.

''I'm originally from Russia but moved to Israel at the age of 16 with Vlad in the hope of a better life, which we found here. We came on the Na'ale program and then joined the army for a full service.

Evgeny and Vlad becoming Champions!

''I live in Rishon LeZion with my family; my wife and I have a beautiful baby boy Michael. Currently I am studying for a first degree in International Relations and Computer Science and I am also working in the IT field as a systems administrator.

''I first heard about Inter Aliyah in 2017 through a post on Facebook, Vlad and I decided to try out for the team and after a practice game we were officially registered to play in Liga Gimmel.

Evgeny scoring a header against Ramat Yisrael during the 2018/19 season

''6 years later and we are still playing for Inter Aliyah. We've been with the team on an incredible journey, feeling highs and lows along the way but our hard work paid off as we won the league this year, a memory I will never forget.

''I've played in every season and in every position, and even when I suffered an injury this year, I was able to recover and get on the pitch again for the final few games.

Evgeny is our joint 5th longest serving players

''Having my twin brother on the team is the biggest support possible but the guys are all like a family to me and we've experienced this crazy journey together, something I only share with them.

''There seems to be another mentality at Inter Aliyah that is unlike other teams in Israel, one that is focused on friendship and family. It's definitely one of the reasons why we became Champions.

Evgeny and Vlad through the years, what a progression!

''Winning the league is the peak of my time at Inter Aliyah of course, but before that, my favourite Inter Aliyah memory was a last minute equaliser against Naveh Golan last season.



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