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Meet Our Players - Guili Hadass

Name: Guili Hadass

Age: 28

Team: Inter Aliyah Banot

Originally from: Montevideo, Uruguay

Favourite team: FC Barcelona

Position: Striker

Football idol: Diego Forlan

Interesting fact: Guili has spent the last 15 years equally in three different countries; Uruguay, Moldova and Israel!!


''I've playing football since I was a kid at school where I used to join in with the boys at break time and simply loved it. I didn't play much after school but have found my love for the game again with Inter Banot, whom I've been playing with for 4 years now.

''Football is definitely a part of my culture, having grown up in football-mad Uruguay. My dad used to watch football games at home and I loved sitting in front of the television together with him.

Guili showing off her skills at an Inter Banot training session

''Just like football, Zionism has also been a big part of my life and it was a big factor behind the reason that I moved to Israel back in 2018, after finishing my dentistry qualification in Moldova.

''I still work as a dentist, making people smile is part of my passion too and I run a successful pop-up dentistry office in Tel Aviv. If anyone needs help with their teeth, just get in touch!

''I heard about Inter Aliyah through friends and was one of the first girls to join Inter Banot in 2019, when we used to meet on Thursday nights. Since then, the group has grown so much and we are now a really established team full of good friends.

''The people involved in Inter Aliyah is what makes the club so special. I have bonded with all the girls on the team and the coaches have all been excellent; from Maurizio in the beginning to Martin now.

Scoring goals for fun at our weekly Wednesday meetups

''One of my most cherished memories with Inter Banot was our game against Maccabi Netanya, where I was surprised by my dad who arrived at the match to be our cheerleader! However, the biggest Inter Banot cheerleader is my beloved dog Moldi, who comes to watch us every Wednesday.



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