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Meet Our Players - Lauren First

Name: Lauren First

Age: 35

Originally from: Chicago, USA

Favourite team: US Women's National Team

Position: Striker

Football Idol: Alex Morgan and Kylian Mbappe

Fun Fact: Together with her husband, Lauren has a Labrador dog named Aspen and has lived in 3 states and 2 countries together with the gang!!


''I started playing soccer when I was just 5-years-old! I've always played as a defender until I started with Inter Aliyah. Now I am playing more as a forward and have realized scoring goals is way more fun.

''I moved to Israel around 2 years ago to be with my Israeli boyfriend. We initially met on an aeroplane years ago and have been living together in the US before we decided to come to his homeland!

''Since coming to Israel, I've always been keen to get my playing boots back on and I found Inter Aliyah through a Facebook group! I love that all the different nationalities are playing together, it’s really unique.

''I hope the women’s team can join the professional league soon! And of course, with Maurizio as the coach, who is simply the best!



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