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Meet Our Players - Nate LeRoy

Name: Nate LeRoy

Age: 23

Team: Inter Aliyah Basketball

Originally from: South Carolina, USA

Favourite team: Seattle SuperSonics

Position: Guard

Basketball idol: Steve Nash

Fun fact: As a young boy, Nate was so obsessed with Steve Nash that he even grew his hair to match the two-time MVP...


''I'm originally from Charleston, South Carolina and have been playing basketball since I got my first hoop when I was around five years old. I haven’t stopped playing ball since then and continue to do so on an almost daily basis.

''I did a gap year in Israel in 2017 and afterwards came back to draft into the Israeli Defence Forces, serving as a combat commander in the esteemed Golani brigade for three years.

Nate (second from the right) prior to a Liga Bet game this season

''I first heard about Inter Aliyah through my internship at 90min (now Minute Media), meeting a lot of the original founders from the team who worked together at this high-tech company. Later, I would continue to follow the club throughout my time in Israel and even in the army until I finished my service and had the chance to play.

''Once Inter Aliyah opened a basketball team in the summer of 2021, it was a no-brainer that I would join the team. I have been part of the roster for the team's inaugural season in Liga Bet although I now have to return to the States to get surgery on my hand, an injury I sustained in the very first play of the season!!

Nate in action, wearing number 13

''Inter Aliyah is special to me because it gives the competitor in me a place to thrive alongside other Olim and like-minded teammates, opening up my community in Israel even more.



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