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Meet Our Players - Samuel Hazins

Name: Samuel Hazins

Age: 24

Team: Inter Aliyah A

Originally from: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Favourite Team: Barcelona Sporting Club

Position: Right Back/Right Wing

Football Idols: Damián "El Kitu" Díaz

Interesting Fact: Not many people know this but after almost joining Inter Aliyah in 2017, Samuel joined Bnei Yehud and faced Inter Aliyah in an official Liga Gimmel cup game. Small world, huh?


''It's interesting because my family is a little bit boring, nobody watches sports or listens to fun music but ever since I can remember the first love I had was football and as a kid, I entered the Alfaro Moreno Academy (now Barcelona SC Academy).

''Alfaro Moreno created many academies in my home city in Ecuador, Guayaquil, and I told my dad that I wanted to play football since I enjoyed kicking the ball around a lot. I played at school and was even the captain of my high school team.

Samuel at the Nefesh B'Nefesh office

''After many years in Alfaro Moreno, I moved to Rocafuerte (now Emelec Academy) where I almost entered the professional third division squad but I quit because of my studies.

''After hearing my dad talk about Israel all the time during my childhood, I decided it was time to make Aliyah! I fell in love with the country since an early age and always wanted to move here and give my hand to help and keep growing this beautiful country.

Samu (front row, second to the left) prior to an Inter Aliyah game this season

''In the process of making Aliyah I knew I had to do the mandatory army service, I said: "If I already came with strong body (being an athlete all my life), and strong believer in the Jewish country and people then, why not be a combat soldier?"

''After doing many trials I entered the Givati reconnaissance unit (Palsar) and spent the rest of my service there. Ironically, also in my platoon was Alon Zurita, who has since become both my roommate in Bat Yam and teammate at Inter Aliyah.

The time that Samuel faced against Inter Aliyah whilst playing for Bnei Yehud

''I finished the army combat service last year and it really was the best experience of my life until now. At the moment, I'm a part-time security officer at a hotel and happily learning how to code to enter the tech world.

''I first heard about Inter Aliyah when I moved to Israel in 2017 and was searching for a team. I ended up arriving to some trainings and met nice people but sadly had to find another team because it was a little bit far from where I was living at that time.

The famous post-win celebration for Samuel and Alon

''I also tried entering Inter Aliyah last year but ended up going to a team that almost went up to Liga Bet. This year the dream eventually came true, I joined the Inter Aliyah pro team and am happily focused in achieving promotion with this amazing team.

''I've known people from Inter Aliyah since 2017 and being in the team now for just two months, I must say that it's very special that the club exists and created an environment for immigrants that involves sport. I feel that the dynamic of Inter Aliyah also helps to overcome personal problems; work, family issues etc.

Samu (front row, middle) on a pre-season beach workout with the team

''The thing I most like about Inter is that it doesn't matter what I'm feeling, when I know that I have training my mood automatically changes to one of full happiness; coming to training with happy and motivated people fills my mind with great thoughts and good experiences.



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