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Meet Our Players - Vlad Kart

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Name: Vlad Kart

Age: 24

Originally From: Moscow, Russia

Position: Forward

Squad number: 15

Team He Supports: Lokomotiv Moscow and FC Barcelona

Football Idol: Lionel Messi

Did You Know: It took this season's Head Coach around three training sessions before he realised that Vlad was a pair of twins, previously thinking that he was simply playing all over the pitch...


''I was born and raised in Moscow but came to Israel in 2012 when I was just 16-years-old. I arrived with my twin brother Evgeny and we both came as part of the Na'ale program, which allows Jewish teenagers from all over the world (although predominately from Russia) to make Aliyah and study in an Israeli high school.

''After finishing high school in Kibbutz Shoval near Be'er Sheva, I then enlisted in the IDF and served for three years. Throughout my army service, Evgeny and I were playing football for a number of Ashdod teams in Liga Gimmel (5th division), the same level that Inter Aliyah currently plays in but a different regional league.

''In 2017, I found on Facebook a post about Inter Aliyah and thought it was an exciting idea to play with other Olim in Israel. I emailed Ricky Horvath and he invited us both to come to a training session where I met the team.

''I have now been playing for Inter Aliyah for four seasons, together with Evgeny, and I am the club's 2nd all-time goalscorer with 27 goals and 8th all-time appearance maker, having played 62 games.

''Inter has a completely different vibe to other teams that I have played at here in Israel. Here, I feel that we are a group of friends as much as we are a football team. Everybody is looking out for each other and willing to help a friend when in need. That's not something you see often elsewhere in other teams.

''This team offers an amazing opportunity for Olim who are looking to play football at a high level and also want to meet other immigrants, share culture and make friends. Hopefully, Evgeny and I will continue at Inter Aliyah for years to come and help the team get promoted up the leagues.



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