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Meet the Board - Yona Dorfzaun

Name: Yona Dorfzaun

Board Title: VP of Operations

Age: 30

Originally From: Quito, Ecuador

Position: Central Defender

Favourite Team: FC Barcelona

Fun Fact: “Yona left Israel two years ago to move to Queensland, Australia where he is currently studying physiotherapy at Bond University on the Gold Coast. Looks like his skills will be put to good use once he returns to Inter Aliyah...”


“My parents say that the first word I ever said was ‘ball,’ referring to a football. I have been very passionate about playing football since I can remember and everywhere I’ve been I have found myself involved in playing football as a way of exercising, but more than anything a passion and a social environment.”

“I feel quite fortunate to have come from the specific community in Ecuador in which I was raised. I’ve known fellow Inter founders Ricky Horvath and Dani Markowits my whole life. We all grew up together, albeit they are both a few years older than I so they actually watched me grow up in a sense. Back home we would spend time together as families, go to school together and play on the same football team!

“After graduating from university in the US, I decided that it was finally time to fulfill a lifelong dream and move to my favourite place in the world, Israel. Although this was a long, daunting journey from my home country of Ecuador, Israel had already felt like somewhat of a second home.

''My mother is Israeli and most of her family lives here, so I grew up visiting this place every year. I always felt an incredible connection to the country and in the back of my head knew that I wanted to live here one day.

Yona presenting Avigdor Lieberman, former Israeli Defence Minister, with an Inter Aliyah shirt.

''After moving to Israel, I naturally joined Dani at Inter Tel Aviv, as it was known at the time, playing in the amateur Olim league. When we decided to officially enroll the team in the Israeli Football Federation I helped with the process as I was one of the better Hebrew speakers.

''I played two and a half seasons in Liga Gimmel for Inter Aliyah before moving to Australia to study physiotherapy. In my position on the board of the club, I currently serve as the VP of Operations, managing tasks from Down Under!!

“Since day one when the club was just an idea, people loved the potential of what it could become and it made all of us dream. Now, Inter Aliyah has grown massively over the years and I firmly believe that the club has progressed so much because of that spirit.

''We’ve achieved milestones of development year after year, improving our culture and habits. However, we still have a long way to go to fulfill our mission. I want our club to be promoted to Liga Bet in the next two years. Also, in the more distant future, I want Inter Aliyah Club to have infrastructure and a sports medicine department for me to run.”

“Inter Aliyah is my community, my team and hopefully my future.



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