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Inter Blue 1-7 Neve Avivim: Opponents Show Their Class and Capitalise on Early Defensive Errors

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

'12 ⚽ 0-1 Neve Avivim goal

'19 ⚽ 0-2 Neve Avivim goal

'25 ⚽ 0-3 Neve Avivim goal

'37 ⚽ 0-4 Neve Avivim goal

'43 ⚽ 1-4 Nico Milieris goal (penalty), Zack Shooter assist

'57 ⚽ 1-5 Neve Avivim goal

'75 ⚽ 1-6 Neve Avivim goal

'87 ⚽ 1-7 Neve Avivim goal

Top row (from left to right): Gato Schwalb, Alex Yassin, Misha Marianoff, Uriel Benita, Gabi Bruck, Gaby Kurlender, Zack Shooter, Ehud Eblagon, Martin Siber and Zequi Lubocki.

Bottom row (from left to right): Yoav Greenberg, Martin Lagman, Daniel Rubio, Nico Milieris, Daniel Geron, Max Russell, Kevin Packer and Niv Gittelman.

From the very start we tried to pressure high and not let the opposition play their game but they proved to be very good with their feet and got away quite easily from our pressure.

After a some defensive mistakes we found ourselves 0-3 before the 25th minute. Fair enough we had a few opportunities to score and get closer to our rivals but we were unlucky on the finish line. By the end of the half, Zack Shooter was fouled in the box, earning a penalty for us, which Nico Milieris scored and we finished the first half 1-4.

In the second half, we started strong, and got back into the game until once again with a fast combination they went through our defensive line dashed our hopes to jump back in the game. From that point to the end Neve Avivim showed great fitness and finished the game with a few more goals.

Besides the overall result we showed good attitude and competitiveness that we should maintain in the future.


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