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Inter B 0-2 FC United Tel Aviv: Mistakes Prove Costly as Unbeaten Run Comes to an End

‘35 ⚽️ 0-1 FC United

‘67 ⚽️ 0-2 FC United

Top row (from left to right): Leo Gewertz, Alan Kaler, Gabriel Bruck, Matt Keston, Kevin Packer, Ehud Eblagon, Uriel Benita, Didi Hovav, Sam Sank and Ilan Flax.

Bottom row (from left to right): Josh Fischbach, Nico Milieris, Max Russell, Zach Shooter, Guile Meyer, Zequi Lubocki, David Hovav and Daniel Geron.

A disappointing day for Inter B that started with news that Nic VC, David Salem and goalkeeper David Bennaroch all unable to play last minute due to sickness, we wish them all well and hope you're feeling better.

This is a very simple game to summarise; we played well battling every ball, putting in strong challenges and creating good chances as against a team we were evenly matched with.

Their first goal came from a big number of mistakes on the 35th min and was really the worst goal we’ve conceded all season. We gave the ball away 3 times in the middle and then they put a ball over the top; their guy got to it first and beat our keeper to score.

Their tactic throughout the game was a ball over the top and their strikers were very fast and that’s exactly how they scored their second goal; again a ball over the top and their man beating our defence for pace.

They had about 5 chances during the game, with our keeper making 2 excellent saves and they hit the bar. Other than this, our guys defended very well. We had I believe 9 chances on goal, including 3 one-on-ones and missed them all. This was really a game of missed chances.

In summary, we played well overall but they were a good team who punished us for two bad mistakes and we weren’t clinical enough when we had the chances we did. If we make mistakes against the good teams will be punished and if we don’t take our chances we will lose.

Thank you to Leo who covered for us in goal and good debut performances for Josh Fischbach and Zack Shooter despite not finding the net - welcome guys.

Man of the Match: Uriel Benita 🔥


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