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Inter B 2-0 The Macallan: Convincing Victory Moves Us Closer to Promotion Places

8’ ⚽️ 1-0 Zack Shooter, Zequi Lubocki assist

64’ ⚽️ 2-0 Mijael Marianoff, David Hovav assist

80’ 🛑 Red Card, Zack Shooter

Top row (from left to right): Zequi Lubocki, David Hovav, Alan Kaler, Martin Siber, Uriel Benita, Gabi Bruck, David Benarroch, Kevin Packer, Misha Marianoff, Matt Keston and Sam Sank.

Bottom row (from left to right): Nico Milieris (and Wendy), Josh Fischbach, Misha Marianoff, Nacho Duek, Didi Hovav, Daniel Geron, Guile Meyer and Zach Shooter.

Our first game against all Israeli opposition against a team who had been very inconsistent with their results in the league, beating the good teams but losing to the bad. The majority of their team were late and they almost had to start the game with 7 players, eventually, they had 12 ready at the last moment but without any warm-up so we emphasised to attack them hard for the first minutes.

Our early reward came after a fantastic ball through from Zequi found Zack Shooter in the box who finished beautifully in the top corner for his first league goal for the club.

We were dominating possession in the first half and creating good chances but couldn’t finish our chances to get the second. Macallan had no chances on goal in the first half and rarely got into our half.

In the second half, we again came out battling well and dominating most of the play, but in the 60th minute, Macallan with a long ball beat the offside as our whole defence stopped, our only bad mistake of the entire match and everyone watched in hope as their striker had a free 1-on-1 versus David Bennaroch.

It was the only thing David really had to do the whole game but it was a world-class save as usual from the keeper with the best record across all leagues. We celebrated as if we had scored a goal and 5 minutes later we did when a beautiful pass by David Hovav found Mijael in the box to strike past the keeper and make it 2-0 - everyone ran to the pitch in celebration.

From then on for much of the game, we looked comfortable, until the 80th minute when the referee very harshly gave Zack Shooter a second yellow card for a foul, after receiving his first one just a few minutes earlier for kicking the ball away. With just 10 men they came at us and pushed forward but the team all battled well and held out for a big win against an Israeli side full of complains and a lot of talk but nothing to show for it on the pitch.

Every single player did well today, playing smart throughout the game and dealing with the drama they threw at our players very professionally.

Man of the Match: David Hovav🔥


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