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Inter B 5-0 Combo: Comfortable Win Puts Us Back Amongst the Goals

‘3 ⚽️ 1-0 Niv Gur, assist Zequi Lubocki

54’ 🛑 Red card Combo

54’ ❌ Penalty miss, Niv Gur

66’ ⚽️ 2-0 Daniel Geron, assist Niv Gur

70’ ⚽️ 3-0 Daniel Geron, assist Niv Gur

78’ ⚽️ 4-0 Didi Hovav, assist Niv Gur

84, ⚽️ 5-0 Ran Sarusi, assist Daniel Geron

Top row (from left to right): David Schumann, Ricky Horvath, Ran Sarusi, Niv Gur, David Hovav, Martin Siber, Nico Milieris, Gabriel Bruck, Matias Jurfest, Yu Miyake, David Salem and Matt Keston.

Bottom row (from left to right): Zequi Lubocki, Nacho Duek, Didi Hovav, Sam Sank, Kevin Natanzon, Daniel Geron, Guile Meyer, Ilan Flax and David Benarroch.

After failing to score in our previous two games and on the same points as our opposition, Saturday's match was a must-win game.

The first half got off to a fantastic start with a wonderful solo effort goal by Niv Gur, driving towards goal and putting the ball into the bottom corner after 3 minutes. However after 10 minutes, it was Combo who was dominating and controlling the game, hitting the post and winning all the battles, we were very lucky to be winning 1-0 at half time.

We were battered and bruised by a very dirty and physical, but smart team, fouling consistently and not complaining to the referee. At half time, Head Coach Matt Keston told the team it was time to be smart and give back what we received and be more aggressive. We pointed out their dirtiest player, number 99, who we must take care of.

The plan went perfectly, a skill from Guile Meyer took it past their number 99 and the player fouled and received a yellow card. Just a few minutes later, Niv Gur drove past the same player into the box, got taken down and won a penalty. Needless to say, the player was shown a second yellow and was given a red card already on 54th minute.

Somehow, we then missed a third penalty in a row this season, as Niv put the penalty into the sky the same way Gal Noymark did last week, the score remained 1-0. Combo then pressured us and David Bennaroch made 2 big saves in goal. Then with a fantastic run and finish on 66 minutes, Daniel Geron made it 2-0 and we started to control the game.

From there it was the Geron and Niv show, setting up each other and Didi and Ran to make it a comfortable 5-0 win in the end.

We now sit in 4th place in the IFLI Division 2.

Another clean sheet for the defence and we officially have conceded the least goals in the league, just 4 the whole season from 5 games so far. It was a very impressive performance to all those at the back, Sam Sank especially with a lot of communication and so many tackles.

Man of the Match: Today is an exception as two people were equally fantastic:

Niv & Geron 🔥🔥


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