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Inter Blue 0-7 Hod HaSharon: League Leaders Take Apart Our Threadbare Squad

'30 ⚽ 0-1 Hod HaSharon goal

'55 ⚽ 0-2 Hod HaSharon goal

'61 ⚽ 0-3 Hod HaSharon goal

'63 ⚽ 0-4 Hod HaSharon goal

'69 ⚽ 0-5 Hod HaSharon goal

'75 ⚽ 0-6 Hod HaSharon goal

'77 ⚽ 0-7 Hod HaSharon goal

Top row (from left to right): Elias Garzon, Martin Siber, Zequi Lubocki, Uriel Benita, Misha Marianoff, Martin Lagman, Daniel Rubio, Zack Shooter, Niv Gittelman, Thomy Alfie and Sam Sank.

Bottom row (from left to right): David Speier, Gabi Bruck, Max Russell, Kevin Packer, Nico Milieris and Titi Cabuli.

As we faced the current runner-ups of the league, we managed to have a very even first half, with very few opportunities for both teams and stand-in keeper Uri Benita making a couple of good saves for us in goal.

In the 30th minute a defensive mistake granted a undeserved goal for Hod HaSharon and the rest of the half continued in the same fashion as it started, and we went into the break 0-1 down.

The second half unfortunately was very different as our players got tired and we did not have so many substitutions available. By the 55th minute, another defensive mistake punished us to make it 0-2, leaving us with very hard work to get back into the game.

Soon after the second goal we found ourselves conceding many goals in a very short span of time, ending our opportunities for the game. Overall, a disappointing result but with a better feeling of what we can do when play focus and compact.


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