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Inter Blue 1-1 RU Beez: Point Earned Thanks to Late Equaliser in Evenly Contested Game

'62 ⚽ 0-1 RU Beez goal

'71 ⚽ 1-1 Tom Printac goal, Nico Blum assist

'74 🔴 Aviv City Red Card

Top row (from left to right): Martin Siber, Tom Printac, Andy Alfie, Uriel Benita, Gabi Bruck, Max Russell, Misha Marianoff, Elias Garzon, Martin Lagman, Gaby Kurlender, Niv Gittelman and Zack Shooter

Bottom row (from left to right): Nico Blum, Lucas Strauss, Nico Grinberg, Agus Barbozza, Alex Yassin, Nico Milieris, Roc Pan, Kevin Natanzon, Ehud Eblagon and Sam Sank.

We showed up to the game with some returning players and a few new faces in what was probably the most even game we have had so far this season.

From the start the game was played at very high pressure and there was a big effort from our midfielders, as well as solid responses from the back line with Nico Grinberg standing out with a couple of good cuts. In the attacking third not many situations from either team but chances were there.

Moving on to the second half, where RU Beez found themselves with the only real opportunity of the game so far and got to score besides Yoav Greenberg's best efforts.

We reacted well though and started to create good opportunities with Gaby Kurlender passes through the lines and Nico Blum's running at the defense. Deservedly, we equally through Tom Printac after some good work from Nico and Zack Shooter.

RU Beez then had their captain sent off for a second yellow card; from that point the game was broken with us going for the win and RU Beez hitting us on the counter attack, so much so that Tom Printac had the opportunity to score the winning goal but only 2 minutes after we were lucky to not concede a goal on a quick counter attack.

Finally the game ended before we were able to score and take the 3 points home. The final result was a fair one against a good enough team that was not better than us, but we weren't to capitalize the extra man.


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