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Inter Blue 3-2 Aviv City: Blues Get Back to Winning Ways Thanks to Three Delightful Goals

'8 ⚽ 1-0 Zack Shooter goal, Nico Grinberg assist

'30 ⚽ 2-0 Manu Rivelis goal

'43 ⚽ 2-1 Aviv City goal

'55 ⚽ 3-1 Zack Shooter goal

'72 🔴 Niv Gittelman Red Card

'72 🔴 Aviv City Red Card

'82 ⚽ 3-2 Aviv City goal

Top row (from left to right): Uriel Benita, Zack Shooter, Daniel Rubio, Elias Garzon, Manu Rivelis, Nico Fischman, Nico Rivelis, Misha Marianoff, Niv Gittelman, Zequi Lubocki and Martin Siber.

Bottom row (from left to right): Nico Blum, Sam Sank, Kevin Natanzon, Nico Grinberg, Nico Mirielis, Daniel Roche, Gabi Bruck and Augo Barbuzza.

We faced Aviv City who were 3 point above us prior to the game and from the very beginning we showed a lot of energy and good movements, whilst keeping our composure on each line. For that reason, after only 8 minutes in the game, we were already rewarded with a great goal, a header from Zack Shooter after Nico Grinberg's cross as part of a very good team play.

As the first half continued we dominated almost every aspect and went on to score again at the 30th minute with an outstanding goal from Manu Ethat is already being discussed as a potential goal of the year. However, with a quick play and slow reaction from us on a free kick, Aviv City got back into the game with only 2 minutes to the end of the half.

In the second half we came back strong again and by the 55th minute Zack Shooter scored his second and another very impressive goal by cutting in from the left and putting it in the top right corner. From that point the game started to get heated with Aviv City contending every ball and a controversial performance from the referee.

By the 72nd minute, Niv Gittelman and a player from Aviv City got red cards after an argument on the middle of the field. 10 minutes later with only 8 minutes to go, Aviv City got to score on a loose ball from our back line to set up a stressful last end to the game. The next 10 minutes was a exhibition of character and guts from us ending the game as part of a very important win.


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