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Inter Blue 3-5 Ramle-Ukraine: Honourable Performance in High-Scoring Game Against Deadly Side

'11 ⚽️ 1-0 Tom Printac goal

'46 ⚽️ 1-1 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'52 ⚽️ 1-2 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'58 ⚽️ 1-3 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'64 ⚽️ 2-3 Facu Cervigni goal, Tom Printac assist

'69 ⚽️ 2-4 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'72 ⚽️ 2-5 Ramle-Ukraine goal

'88 ⚽️ 3-5 Gabo Bruck goal

Top row (from left to right): Zequi Lubocki, Daniel Cabral, Niv Gittelman, Manu Rivelis, Gabo Bruck, Ehud Eblagon, Tobias Zlotopioro, Nico Rivelis, Daniel Rubio, Gabriel Kuerlander and Ran Sarusi.

Bottom row (from left to right): Tom Printac, Nico Milieris, Facu Cervigni, Gonzalo Glagovsky and Nico Fischman.

In this IFLI2 league match, Inter Blue were defeated by one of the league's favourites to go up in an end-to-end game.

We pressed high early on and the strategy worked well with Tom Printac giving us the lead and we maintained the lead until the half time break. In the secon period, our depleted squad began to tire somewhat as Ramle-Ukraine turned the game around with some well-worked goals.

Tom Printac found Facu Cervigni for the goal of the game as we continued our never-say-die attitude but ultimately our opponents overpowered us over the course of the 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Gabriel Bruck scored a late consolation for his first of the season.


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