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Inter Blue 4-3 GT Lions: Cup Form Continues for Another Season After Beating Upper Division Opponent

‘11 ⚽️ 1-0 Ilya Levant goal, Gaston Fratesi assist

‘18 ⚽️ 2-0 Gaston Fratesi goal, Ilya Levant assist

‘37 ⚽️ 2-1 GT Lions goal

‘54 ⚽️ 3-1 Ilya Levant goal, Nico Blum assist

‘60 ⚽️ 4-1 Gaby Caminetsky goal, Ilya Levant assist

‘84 ⚽️ 4-2 GT Lions goal

‘88 ⚽️ 4-3 GT Lions goal

‘90🔴 Red Card: GT Lions

Top row (from left to right): Ariel Peretz, Gaby Caminetsky, Matias Cassin, Thomy Alfie, Andy Alfie, Nico Blum, Andy Gabay, Ilya Levant, Mati Yelen and Gabi Bruck.

Bottom row (from left to right): Dani Rubio, Ivan Orencel, Agustin Osatinsky, Fernando Zatz, Gaston Fratesi and Diego Kohn.

From the very beginning we were more competitive and showed our personality on our opponents. We went into a two goal lead thanks to Ilya Levant and Gaston Fratesi inside 18 minutes, with each of the scorers assisting the other too.

At the back we were secure but conceded a cheap goal 10 minutes before half time, to make things a little uneasy at the break.

But in the second half we started exactly like the first again, exploding in attack and not giving them time to breath. Ilya got another one after Nico Blum gave the assist and then Ilya got his 2nd assist for Gaby Caminetsky’s debut goal.

We conceded twice in the last 5 minutes as we lost concentration and when the referee added 7 minutes injury time, it suddenly became quite stressful. But we saw the game out like men and claim a great victory.

The win means that a draw against FC Dynamo next week will be enough to go through to the knockout stages as the 1st placed team.


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