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Inter Blue 4-3 Sporting Lamed: Brilliant Victory Ensures First Win of the Season

'5 ⚽️ 0-1 Sporting Lamed goal

'11 ⚽️ 1-1 Nico Fischman goal, Daniel Geron assist

'14 ⚽️ 2-1 Facu Cervigni goal, Daniel Geron assist

'57 ⚽️ 3-1 Zack Shooter goal

'63 ⚽️ 3-2 Sporting Lamed goal

'72 ⚽️ 4-2 Martin Kuzniecka goal

'90 ⚽️ 4-3 Sporting Lamed goal

Top row (from left to right): Sam Sank, Gabi Bruck, Niv Gittelman, Misha Marianoff, Manu Rivelis, Nico Rivelis, Facu Cervigni, Martin Lagman, Zequi Lubockiand Nico Grinberg.

Bottom row (from left to right): Yoav Greenberg, Alex Yassin, Martin Kuzniecka, Nico Fischman, Nico Milieris, Daniel Geron, Zack Shooter and Elias Garzon.

Saturday's match was an outstanding team performance from Inter Blue. There was great energy and incredible commitment from all the players that came into the pitch.

Defensively yesterday we were very strong. Our lines were very compact, and our wingers worked tirelessly to make sure that our fullbacks did not find themselves in 2 vs 1s. Our back line cleared just about everything that came their way and our midfielders had a great balance in their shape.

Offensively, we were clinical and scored 4 fantastic goals. Initially, we were down 1-0 from a corner kick. However, we tied the game quite quickly. Our first goal came from the right, with Dani Geron crossing it from quite deep and finding Nico Fischman who jumped high to meet the ball and head it home.

We were able to find the net once again shortly after. After a cleared corner kick, Dani Geron again crossed it and found Facu Cervigni on the far post who shot it low past the keeper. At the half we found ourselves leading 2-1.

The second half was more of the same as we continued with the same energy and intensity. With some fresh legs, we were also able to get some good opportunities going forward as well. In fact, it was our newest addition, Zack Shooter, who picked it up on the attacking third, dribbled inside and shot a beauty past the keeper to the far post.

Lamed got themselves a goal to make it 3-2 and kept themselves in the game. However, it was Martin ''Enzo'' Kuzniecka, who stole the ball from a defender, dribbled nearly half the pitch and put the ball past the keeper to make it 4-2 and our of reach. On the last play of the game, Lamed converted a penalty and the game finished 4-3.


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